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Common Online Casino Promotions You Should Watch Out For This 2022 5 Virtual Bingo Perks You Are Missing Out On

Online casino promotions allow online casinos to entice new players into their fold and keep existing players interested. Some may offer a first deposit bonus, spin bonus, loyalty bonus, and reward multipliers in the form of points. Others run challenges that offer reward points that can be converted into credits. These initiatives may differ depending on the casino, but they all have one thing in common: they’re designed to hook more people into depositing real money and playing online egames. 

Common Online Casino Promotions


As players, you may feel that these promotions are good. Sure, they offer the chance to try a new casino or a new pokie or simply win more without spending a lot of money. But when it comes to promos and bonuses, we should keep in mind that online casino promotions are, first and foremost, a marketing strategy. Thus, it is essential to look at the fine print on these offers, like the wagering requirements and other terms, before deciding, lest they lead to more significant problems.

In this article, we took a page from the online casino playbook and revealed all the tricky promotions players like you should watch out for this year. 


Most online casinos create pages that are both attractive and easy to navigate so their users will be able to find whatever they want to see. Information, games, and promotions are also typically emphasized, so those who visit the pages will be tempted to click. 

Email Newsletters

Another cost-effective and commonly used strategy that online casinos do is connecting with each customer via email newsletters. Most casino websites typically have compulsory registration on the website, allowing them to collect as many email addresses as possible. With these emails, people who play at online casinos get regular updates about new games, new functions, new events, and other offers like bonuses for players or new reward offers.

Offers and Bonuses

One of the most attractive promotions for real money players, rebates, and credit offers and bonuses give players reasons to get on the casinos’ networks and stay there. After all, who doesn’t love freebies nowadays?

There are different bonuses and offers typically available online. Some of them are:

Welcome Bonuses

Whenever new people create an account on a gaming website, casinos generally offer freebies to get them started. It’s understandable. Sometimes, some people just need that little nudge to get them started. With a free start, casinos effectively get the players to try some of the most addictive games on offer, ensuring a quick return on investment (ROI). After all, games are addictive by nature; giving them that push and letting nature take over is an altogether smart move.

No Deposit Bonuses 

Like the welcome bonus, no deposit bonuses give players a chance to try their games with no strings attached. It’s like a free taste for a new dish that will surely get them back in no time. Smart, isn’t it?

Free Spin Bonuses

Existing players generally get free spin bonuses. Sure, they’re already hooked. But for the strong-minded, leaving the game is just as easy as starting. If you want to keep them coming, then giving them free spin bonuses is tantamount to giving them something to stay for. It won’t be so bad for them to get lucky breaks out of free spins. Anyway, the house always wins.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses may seem like a fun excuse to drag your friends along for a spin at the slots. Call it free marketing, if you may, but it sure won’t hurt the casino to give their loyal patrons a reason to bring more friends and make their gaming experience even more fun with companies they already enjoy.  

Offer Exciting Games That Users Will Love

Casinos always make offers for major wins. Big rewards and attractive prizes never fail to provide a high sense of excitement, not only for the players. In fact, it’s even more appealing to those who don’t already play, which could be one more way to increase subscribers to their platform. Plus, big winners or gamers who enjoyed a specific casino game won’t be able to stop talking about it even after the game has ended, and no casino would say no to free marketing like that.

Contests, Games, and Ad Networks

Using advertising networks as their online casino marketing strategy ideas will produce the desired results. The public always shows interest in looking at advertisements. However, only very known company names work with them to advertise the casino business as widely as possible. 

After launching a new online casino, they can start monetizing it with various ad formats like popunders, banners, Social bars, or direct given links. 

Social Proofs

This is also a tricky way to promote casinos online consumers almost always trust each other more than your brand. This means building trust by using positive reviews and advertising winners. Also, hiring celebrities for advertisements has a considerable effect. They use this trick and display positive reviews on websites, and they also offer more bonuses in exchange for good star ratings on other platforms.


Technology has changed the way people communicate, work, and take chances. With the increase in technology, online casinos come in the form. Anyone of the required age can join an online casino and gamble wherever they are free and whenever they want. Because of its high accessibility, the online casino business is a very profitable industry. This industry is increasing daily, and the public shows a high interest in gambling. Due to automatic activation, it is very easy to activate gambling businesses. But there is one main problem that online casino owners face — the competition. 

With so many tricky methods to attract customers and so many online casinos popping up on the Internet almost every day, and people have a wide range of options to choose from. For this reason, the ever-growing competition prompts online casinos to strategize on marketing campaigns that can keep them ahead of others. These set the brand’s positioning and separates them from their competitors. But remember, some tricky promotion tools also exploit the customers.

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